See what some of Red Arrow's clients have to say about their experience! 

"As a wedding planner, I have worked with many photographers over the years. I had the pleasure of working with Meghan on a few weddings.   When I got engaged, and it was time for me to pick a photographer, I didn’t even have to think twice about whom I would choose.  We picked a date, checked that it worked with our family and friends, and then made sure Meghan was available! If Meghan wasn’t available, I was going to change my date (I’m not kidding)!  I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else capturing our wedding day. Meghan, and her husband Scott work amazingly well together.  We loved that Meghan was with me, and my bridesmaids as we got ready, and Scott was with Darrin and the groomsmen.  Meghan and Scott both captured one of my favorite pictures from our ceremony at different angles. Having two shooters for a wedding is great, but having two that work so well together is tremendous! Meghan is everything you want in a wedding photographer.  She knows what’s going to look good, she lets you voice your opinion, give suggestions if she feels like the picture wont look right, and she’s commanding and authoritative when she needs to be. 
One of my favorite parts of how Meghan works is how she doesn’t feel the need to pose you for every picture.  She lets so many pictures happen organically. Not once did I feel awkward doing a pose that she suggested.  A couple times she said “this is going to feel weird, but trust me it’ll be beautiful.” And let me tell you, she was right! Meghan and Scott will both make you feel like you are just hanging out with your friends all day (and believe me, that’s what you want on your wedding day)! They are some of the easiest people to get along with, and feel comfortable around. Our wedding pictures turned out even more beautiful than I ever imagined they could.  Looking through my pictures is like reliving my wedding day over, and over again! We are already looking for another excuse to use Red Arrow Photography!"  - Val and Darrin S.


"Meghan and Scott from Red Arrow Photography are not simply photographers; they are artists, coordinators, drink-getters, joke-tellers and more importantly unwavering participants in not only our event but a moment in our lives that wouldn’t have been quite the same without them. To say that things did not go as planned for our big day would be an understatement, but thanks to Meghan and Scott and their ability to stay organized and perform under pressure, we find ourselves wondering why we ever wanted things to be any different. To start, every shot snapped had immense purpose and showed attention to key emotions and details that any other photo at any other moment and from any other angle would not have captured. From the initial meeting Meghan made us feel as if she had been in the business for years, but also like we were the only event she would be capturing and spending her time and effort on. From portraits, to party shots; indoors to rooftop (with hurricane-style weather conditions), every element was considered and resulted in more than amazing photographs, they are memories. If there was one thing that most re-affirms the decision to choose Red Arrow, it’s the fact that in any story we tell, we never find a moment of that day that we don’t have an image directly corresponding to. Well beyond the obligatory contractual agreements are where you will find this company; past the stiff poses and unimaginative contrived scenes that other company’s perpetuate. Red Arrow embodies artistry and imagination, whatever personalities are present in real life will permeate through the images into the hearts and souls of the people you share them with. If nothing else, we feel as though we also developed two good friends that we will definitely work with in the future."  

- Ashleigh and Rob S.


It’s hard to put into words how perfect Red Arrow Photography really is and how thankful we are that we had them on our wedding day.  The natural, beautiful, artistic photos really speak for themselves.  Meghan and Scott are the absolute best.
First of all, they are instant friends and great people and it felt so natural to have them following us around on our wedding day.  It doesn’t feel like you’re working with a vendor who is just providing you services… it’s like they are a true part of the wedding.  We joked that she was an honorary member of our family because she fit right in and it feels like you’ve known her forever!  What makes Meghan especially amazing is that she has this ability to really tune in to the personalities of the people she is photographing, and turns it into BEAUTIFUL art.  She knows how to direct you when you need her to, and she is kind, flexible, and fun throughout the entire process.  We are a goofy couple that is constantly laughing and joking around.  Our wedding was laid back and fun, but full of love and joy, and we wanted our photos to really reflect that.  That’s exactly what you get when you have Meghan and Scott: an amazingly beautiful and extremely artistic reflection of you as a couple, and of the awesomeness of your wedding day… the laughter, the joy, the love, the happy tears, the excitement.  We have every single one of the most memorable moments of our wedding on film.  Seriously, Meghan’s timing is impeccable, she is so awesomely sneaky!  We have gorgeous and natural feeling portraits that make two goofballs look like two madly in love people having real moments with each other. We have perfect, wonderful, hilarious images of the best parts of our reception so we can remember them forever.  The list goes on and on.  Because of Meghan and Scott, we have the most magnificent collection of memories in photo form that allow us to relive our wedding day over and over again.  We can’t say enough how much we love the wonder team of Meghan and Scott that is Red Arrow Photography!!  

 -Hannah & Jason

We cannot overstate how amazing Meghan is! When we met her for the first time to do our engagement photo session, we immediately felt like she was a longtime friend; her cool, casual attitude makes it very easy to chat, laugh, and have fun with the photos. We had never done professional photos together, but she gave guidance as needed without staging every single shot. To balance her easy going attitude, she has a strong and confident personality, which she expertly wields to take control of a group and a venue to get the perfect shots. The photos from our engagement session and our wedding are brilliant and exactly what we wanted. Meghan is a rock star photographer, and Red Arrow is the stage through which she shines!   - Calvin & Karen L.


"Meghan and Scott were easily our favorite vendors in the whole wedding planning process. Meghan was super responsive, flexible, and professional yet was also so kind that it felt like working with an old friend. She had some great recommendations of things to consider in planning our big day and was spot-on in all her guidance! That day she arrived right on time with a big smile and many encouraging words. Our photos turned our beautifully - they totally captured so much of the feeling of the day. We will look for future excuses to have professional photos done and Red Arrow Photography will be our go-to! Thanks at least a million!" - Lindsay & Carl

"Of all the concerns a bride and groom have leading up to their wedding (especially a backyard wedding planned from several states away), we knew that we didn't need to worry about the photos. From Skyping with us early in our engagement to discuss aesthetics to Meghan meeting us for engagement pictures right after returning from out of town to reworking our photography times on our wedding day to catch more of the party, Red Arrow Photography made us feel calm, happy, and loved. Then, of course, there are the photographs - we couldn't be happier with the images from our wedding day! Meghan and Scott both have an eye for capturing beautiful, candid moments. We couldn't recommend Red Arrow Photography more highly. "    - Brittany and Danny B.


"Matt and I absolutely love Meghan's work! We have had her do my sons newborn pictures and family pictures with our dogs and she has gone above and beyond for them. Her turn around time is awesome!! She has come to our home and worked around my sons schedule and even when he was (and still can be) fussy and she is just so patient. We love that she is just so laid back when taking our pictures and she is able to catch some amazing moments. If you are looking for a photographer for any occasion, Red Arrow Photography with Meghan is definitely the way to go! Matt and I will alway call Meghan for pictures and we cannot wait for our next session with her!"

- Matt & Nicki B.


"With our first son we went to a couple different photographers to have his photos taken.  Each time we were left disappointed in the experience and with the resulting photos.  For his 2 year old photos, we decided to ask Meghan for help.  Our son was (and still is!) a difficult child to photograph because he is uncomfortable with people he doesn’t know. Meghan went above and beyond to make our experience an enjoyable one.  She came to our home and the first thing she did was sit down on the floor and play trains with our son.  Once he was comfortable with her, she introduced him to the camera and her equipment before ever taking a single picture.  Not once did she make any of us feel rushed.  Our whole experience with Meghan was so wonderful, and we have some amazing photos too! We can’t wait to work with Meghan and Red Arrow Photography again and again to capture our family’s memories!"  - Tonya and Jono S.