Brittany and Danny

Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky

I was beyond honored to photograph Brittany and Danny's breath-taking wedding and cannot adequately express in words what a beautiful and emotional day I had yesterday. Below is just a preview of Brittany and Danny's day - a beautiful bride and her dapper groom. 

Should I book an engagement session with my wedding photographer?

Should I book an engagement session with my wedding photographer?

Should I book an engagement session with my wedding photographer? 

Short answer: YES! A huge, emphatic YES!

Long answer: Granted, this is coming from a photographer, but also a bride who planned her wedding on her own (with the help of her wonderful husband, of course – thanks for all you do, Scott!) and who also greatly values real human connections. So, biased as I am from the photographer side, I would be able to see the value from the bride side as well.

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Rachelle and Nate: Love Times 11

There are a few moments in one's life where they can say they have been in the presence of great love. 


Great love isn't always romantic love - it's nice when it is though, isn't it? The love I'm talking about is a palpable feeling when a big family like the Douglas family gets together to celebrate the marriage of their eldest daughter. 


The first time I met Rachelle and Nate I could tell they were something special. You see, Rachelle is one of 11 children. Nate talked fondly of ALL of them, not even a tiny grumble out of him when I asked how he deals with that many siblings. Just smiles. 

They kept each other laughing that first day and all through their wedding day. They even had ME laughing behind the camera. I like that kind of wedding. 

I'd also never met such a laid back couple! They had no crazy demands of me for their day, they just wanted to enjoy each other's company and wanted to let me do my job. 


Their families were also laid back - what dimension had I landed in? I cannot imagine being one 11 children. I was the baby of my family and would worry about getting enough attention. But the love was not lacking here. It was just abounding, free-flowing. What an incredible family. 

I usually love ceremonies most, where couples get to look each other in the eye and profess their love in front of everyone who loves them. Don't get me wrong, Rachelle and Nate looked very in love in front of that church that October day, but there was a moment that I really cherished later in the evening. 


While giving the blessing before dinner, Rachelle's father had everyone's tears flowing (including mine - thank goodness I had a big hunk of machinery to stick my face behind). He spoke of his little tomboy daughter who loved the indians, and then the beautiful woman and now, the WIFE that was sitting before everyone. 

Love right there, folks. Makes me misty even today. 

I'm glad I got to be a part of this one - it's going down in the record books for sure.