Elyse and Alan - Wedding Sneak Peek

Where to start with this wedding? First of all, Jobie captured my heart when we worked together as co-counselors at Gold Arrow Camp. We co-parented groups of 10 year old girls together and were the best team you can imagine. When she told me her new teammate was probably going to propose, I told her I wanted to be there to photograph her wedding. 

Elyse and Alan did the darn thing on April 29th, 2018 at Hope Glen Farm and it was absolute perfection. I loved how they made each other laugh, how Alan couldn't keep his eyes or hands off his beautiful bride, and best of all - I loved seeing Jobie so happy. 

So cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Detzler! Love you dearly, please enjoy this preview and my labor of love and joy. More to come soon!