Indigo Lake - Akron's Treasure

I often hear people complain that there is "nothing to do" in Ohio. We're often the brunt of jokes from much "cooler" states (ahem. I'm looking at you Illinois, Oregon, California, New York, to name a few).

Sometimes I feel like Akron is only known for its defunct rubber industry and for being the birthplace of Lebron James. Whoop-de-do! 

I used to want to run as far away from North East Ohio as I could. I took every opportunity to travel that was open to me, even almost accepting entrance into the University of Melbourne in Australia for my graduate studies. But I've grown to appreciate the beauty and warmth of a state like Ohio. 


Today, I met Eli and his family. His mom and dad admitted that they'd lived in Ohio their whole lives and never ventured out to the spot I suggested for today's shoot. I'm not surprised, because I didn't even know it existed until this summer. The beautiful and charming Indigo Lake is right along the Cuyahoga Valley scenic railroad and makes a beautiful backdrop for photos! 

It was quite popular today, in fact! We saw 4 other photographers at this spot today! Who would have thunk it? We were even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the train as it made its way north.  

My favorite thing about this [normally] quiet spot is that the lake is, in fact, a beautiful indigo color. I believe it's due to the fact that it has a very steep drop off and immediately gets very deep.  Its deep blue color was especially stunning this morning with the wind blowing multi-colored leaves off the trees and making ripples in the water. The sky also seemed so big today - something we don't really see too often from our little corner of Akron's Highland Square neighborhood.  

A great morning was had by all four of us, we walked around the lake and enjoyed the view from all sides. We talked about partaking in one the wine or beer tastings on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad and, for little Eli, getting tickets to go on the Polar Express adventure that happens near Christmas time on the railroad. 



Sometimes you have to adventure a little bit to find things that are right in your own backyard. Maybe even more so than with a well-known destination. 

For those Ohioans who still think there is nothing to do here, I would challenge them to try exploring the beauty that our state has to offer. I guarantee it will surprise you!  

I think today's adventure, and the number of other photographers that were out at Indigo Lake this morning is a real testament to all the beauty to behold in Akron!