Family Photo Session in North Canton

Last weekend, I went down to Gervasi Vineyard  to meet with a family of 5. I hadn't been to Gervasi in over a year and man, has it changed! 

It's like a little Italian oasis. Every turn found a new photo opportunity.   Even though the weather wasn't 100% cooperative, I am very pleased with the result. Some rain and clouds can't stop a perfect photo session!

Often when I'm shooting little ones, they don't always like to cooperate. They'd rather pick up rocks (I didn't realize this was a thing until recently - I keep losing little ones to rock piles!) or do anything but look right at the camera.  

I've found that keeping them engaged in an activity helps them forget that there's a camera in their face and gets genuine candid moments. I love the challenge of photographing energetic kids  - it really keeps a photographer on her toes!  


This photo of is one of my favorites from the day. It captures this little girl's curiosity and sweetness - she loved pointing out grapes on the vine for me to see.  

The joy of presenting the finished photos to a family will never cease to be my absolute favorite thing about what I do.  

Smiles are, after all, something I love to see! 


The G. family in the vineyards at Gervasi in North Canton, Ohio. 

The G. family in the vineyards at Gervasi in North Canton, Ohio.