Emily and Bryan - Sneak Peek

Emily and Bryan are a photographer's dream couple! What an incredible wedding to round out our year; Scott and I couldn't have had a more perfect evening with the Haggerty and Smith families. This couple can pose, are so kind (to each other and all around them), are so incredibly happy in love, and were surrounded by so much love - it was a true testament to how wonderful Emily and Bryan are. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your incredibly perfect day! 

Jackie and Nate - Sneak Peek

Yesterday was a beautiful day to photograph the wedding of the little boy who grew up across the street from me. It's so awesome to see what a great man Nate has grown into - and even better to see him with a partner in life who compliments as perfectly as Jackie does. The laughs didn't stop yesterday - it was nice to spend a day with everyone who was so excited to celebrate a couple. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Shaw - thank you for allowing me to spend yesterday with you. 

Brittany and Craig - Sneak Peek

I feel like brunch weddings should definitely be more of a thing! Brittany and Craig had a beautiful, breezy, pond-side ceremony this morning (followed by brunch for all their guests - brilliant!) that was truly touching. Brittany's beautiful smile and love for Craig made this day just perfect. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Lang for allowing us to be part of their day. 

Megan and Andrew Heinl - Sneak Peek

All I can say is - WOW. This wedding was absolutely incredible - beautiful venue (The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio), beautiful couple, and beautiful weather. Scott and I had an absolutely blast with Megan and Andrew - and I'm sure anyone who knows them would say "How could you NOT have fun with them?!" Surrounded by so much love, these two are bound for an incredible future together. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Heinl! 

Emily and Bryan - Engagement Sneak Peek

Scott and I had a wonderful morning exploring Chagrin Falls with this beautiful couple on Saturday. We were both struck by how apparent their love is - so natural with each other. A true love that seems to come easily to these two. Didn't hurt that Emily can pose like a dream - look at that beauty! We can't wait to be part of their wedding day this winter - if the wedding day goes anything like this engagement shoot, we'll be in for a treat. Congratulations you two! 

Jamie and Alex

Dinos, drinks, the perfect sunset, and a hand-fasting ceremony that had me crying behind my camera! Congratulations to this incredible, hilarious, and loving duo! 

Samantha and Brett - Sneak Peek

A few raindrops didn't stop yesterday's festivities at Tudor House. Sam was stunning and her wonderful hubs couldn't take his eyes off her. Congratulations to Samantha and Brett - Scott and I had an absolutely wonderful night and we're SO glad we convinced you to step out on to the dock right before the storm hit... so happy to have spent your wonderful day with you.